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Postcards from Abroad

No passport? No problem! You can travel the world without leaving your radio!

This 60-second program is a collaboration between Kansas Public Radio (KPR) and the five international area studies centers at the University of Kansas: the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Center for East Asian Studies, the Center for Global and International Studies, the Kansas African Studies Center, the Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies, and the Office of International Programs.

Join us each week as we explore culture and news from around the globe, often with a unique and surprising twist. Every "postcard" gives listeners a glimpse of diverse cultures from the contemporary to the ancient, from the exotic to the familiar. Scripts are written by regional experts and university staff.Be the first to hear our new episodes by tuning into to KPR or KANU on Wednesdays at 8:58 pm or Saturdays at 1:04 pm, or begin your worldwide travels by clicking below.

Listen to an archive of Postcards from Latin America and the Caribbean on Soundcloud.

Are you an intrepid global explorer and an aspiring radio celebrity? The mic is open!

The KU Area Studies Centers are excited to open submissions to the community! Please send us YOUR “postcards from abroad,” whether you’re traveling alone or with your classmates! 

If you (or your students) are interested to research, write, and/or produce your own postcard, download the template and instructions. You can submit anytime to international@ku.edu. For questions regarding specific regions, contact the appropriate center (listed above).


Lesson Plan (for Educators)


Are you a nerd for global studies? So are we!

“Postcards from Abroad” is a great way to attract curious minds and introduce students to the wonders of the world! On occasion, find links and educator resources (lesson plans, videos, books, maps, etc.) inspired by the topic of the week.

"Hanging on for Dear Life" – Anoles and Hurricanes in the Caribbean

"Central America's Pastime Lives on" – Ulama, a Mesoamerican Sport



Postcards from Abroad is organized by the KU Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center with contributions on behalf of the five KU international area studies centers and the Office of International Programs. John Kennedy, director of the Center for East Asian Studies, serves as the voice of Postcards from Abroad.

Postcards planted its roots when the Center for East Asian Studies pioneered the concept as Postcards from Asia in 2004 with William "Bill" Tsutsui at the helm. Randi Hacker began hosting the weekly series in 2009 and after 312 episodes, witnessed it flourish into Postcards from Abroad, providing an expanded selection of content from all corners of the world. The theme music for Postcards from Abroad was written and recorded by Chubby Smith, a local Kansas musician and sound engineer for the Postcards series

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