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The Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies and The University of Kansas provides graduate and Ph.D. students with the opportunity to fund their schooling and research through a variety of different sources. The Stansifer Fund, the Oppenheimer Memorial Fund, and Tinker Field Research Grants are just a few of the awards offered, please read below for information and descriptions of the various LAS scholarship.

Please check out our external sources of funding page as well as the University's sites for graduate student funding:

Graduate Student Funding
Graduate Studies Awards/Departmental Scholarships
The Office of Student Financial Aid

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

The Center offers GTA opportunities, based on current funding. The duties of the Graduate Teaching Assistant will be to assist the professor in the teaching of LAA 100/HIST 124, Latin American Culture and Society. This introductory course serves as the gateway to the major in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and the course fulfills general education requirements in the social sciences for undergraduate students. In the fall semester, the GTA will be expected to teach several weekly discussion sections, attend all lectures, hold regular office hours to meet with students, grade and keep records,  monitor potential cases of academic misconduct, and  help with audio visual equipment as necessary, as well as other duties designated by the instructor. In the spring semester, the GTA will be fully responsible for all aspects of this course, including lecturing and grading. This position is a 50% GTA-ship (20 hours/week) with a minimum stipend of $15,500 and tuition waived. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Cecile Accilien, if you are interested in applying for this position. 

Aside from scholarships, students may be selected as GTAs in Spanish & Portuguese. Graduate Teaching Assistantships typically involve leading discussion sections, advising, and designing and grading student papers and exams in exchange for free tuition and a stipend. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese regularly offers assistantships and teaching positions to Latin American & Caribbean Studies students to teach undergraduate Spanish language classes. Other university departments also occasionally offer assistantships for which Latin American & Caribbean Studies students may be competitive. If you are interested in opportunities in Spanish & Portuguese, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Cecile Accilien

Stansifer Fellowship

CLACS announces its competition for the Stansifer Fellowship Fund for 2018-2019. This fund was endowed by Professor Emeritus Charles Stansifer. The award is for the support of graduate students planning to complete a doctorate in the study of Middle America (defined as Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean).

Priority is to be given first to students of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama ), second to Mexico, third to the Caribbean, and fourth to students of relations between the United States and any Middle American country.

Graduate students from any department in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible. An interdisciplinary committee from Latin American and Caribbean Studies will decide the competition. The award will not exceed $5,000 per year. A student may hold the fellowship in succeeding years, at the discretion of the committee.

Applications and nominations for the fellowship will be Due: March 15th, 2018. They can be sent to clacs@ku.edu or delivered to The Center, 320 Bailey Hall, and should include:

  • Application Cover Page (.docx)
  • Proposal, not to exceed two double-spaced pages, which describes the research project, its importance and contribution to the field, and a timeline for completion
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Unofficial transcripts from graduate work (KU Advising Report)

Please note that on Friday, March 2 at 3:00 p.m. in Bailey Hall 318, CLACS will hold a grant writing workshop for students interested in making their grant and fellowship applications as competitive as possible.

If you have questions, please contact us at clacs@ku.edu or stop by the Center.

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship

This award was established for graduate students in History and Latin American & Caribbean Studies in memory of Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, former KU professor of Latin American history. CLACS and the Department of History take turns selecting the awardee(s) in alternate years. In 2017, CLACS will award one or more research travel grants to KU graduate students, including M.A. candidates in Latin American and Caribbean Studies as well as graduate students in the humanities or social sciences performing research projects in Latin America.

In 2017 the Center will award one or more research travel grants to KU graduate students, including MA candidates in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and graduate students in the humanities or social sciences performing research projects in Latin America (lower priority will be given to students in History). The amount of the individual awards will depend on project design and budget. Funds of up to $3,000 per award are to be used toward expenses for lodging, food and/or travel. 

Selection will be based on a statement of academic plans, overall academic and career goals, grade point average, and letters of recommendation. Recipients of other awards (such as Tinker Field Research grants, FLAS, etc.) are eligible. Applications for the scholarship will be due: March 15th, 2017. They can be sent to Cécile Accilien at cecileaccilien@ku.edu or delivered to The Center, 320 Bailey Hall, and should include:

•  Application Cover Page (.docx)

•  Letter of proposal describing planned research project, relevance to career objectives

•  Estimated budget

•  Two letters of recommendation

•  One official set of transcripts (KU Advising Report)

If you have questions, please contact Cécile Accilien at cecileaccilien@ku.edu or stop by the Center. 

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